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Yoga is a mind/body exercise. The word yoga actually means "union". As the body moves with the breath, energy starts flowing through the mental and physical entities. It strengthens the body, calms the mind, releases toxins and boosts the immune system.

A negative stressed mind equals an unhealthy and stressed body; a healthy relaxed mind equals a healthy relaxed body. The focus of Montie's classes is on quieting the mind while she guides you through poses that strengthen and ultimately relax the body.

Montie works with all levels, including beginners, using a Hatha yoga style. A typical class includes breath work, stretching, and various poses to strengthen the core. Her classes are designed to bring students into more self awareness, balance, and an ability to be present in the moment.

"After a session with Montie I feel great! Her style of teaching quiets my mind and brings me to a place of pure mental and physical relaxation. I am also stronger and more flexible since I started taking yoga. Thanks Montie for enriching me and for being an exceptional teacher!"
-- Karen H.

"Yoga with Montie is just what I need to get me refocused and strong and ready to face the rest of the day at work. In a world that never turns off, yoga is the hour I give to myself. With Montie coming to my workplace, I can get in my yoga class without guilt and get refocused for a more productive day. Yoga helps give me the mental and physical strength to balance my work and life. With Montie available in my workplace, it makes it easy to never miss a class."
-- Lisa H.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens."
--- Carl Jung