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Meditation and deep breathing cultivate happiness, reduce stress and bring clarity and a sense of well-being among life's uncertainties. The Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard says, "Meditation increases brain wave activity, enhances intuition, increases concentration and alleviates aches and pains."

Montie is passionate about the positive effects of meditation and enjoys observing her students transform from stressed to calm after just a few minutes of being quiet and fully in the present moment.

Her style of teaching is as simple as guiding her students to follow the rhythm of their breath. Classes are typically 15 minutes and Montie guides the entire time finding different ways to focus in order to quiet the mind of chatter. 

I am so fortunate that my employer not only understands the importance of STRESS MANAGEMENT but actually provides a resource to alleviate and control stress with weekly Meditation Sessions (during work) and Yoga Classes (after work) under Montie's knowledgeable guidance.

Who knew that a 15 minute break from the chaos of your day could be so therapeutic? Montie's meditation sessions follow a simple concept that's seldom followed: STOP for a second; close your eyes and BREATHE! You will be amazed, with time and practice, how centered you feel. You leave the session with renewed energy and direction for the day.

Montie's Yoga class takes the beneficial breathing techniques from her meditation sessions and combines it with the physical elements of stretch and strength training. Science has praised the benefits of yoga for years; but what matters is you actually FEEL it working. It does wonders counteracting the harm of sitting in front of a computer all day. You learn that the true focus of Yoga is within ... it's all about listening to and appreciating YOUR body!

Thank you Montie for all that you've taught me! Namaste!!

-- Susan, W.

"The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment."
-- Jiddu Krishnamurti