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Coaching is partnering as a peer, not an authority, to help another to shift their experience into one of bliss, joy and contentment.

Montie guides her clients to realize their own ability to achieve results by becoming more self-reliant and trusting their inner guidance. Her clients leave sessions feeling empowered and uplifted with a fresh approach to life or their issues, a positive attitude, and a clear vision of their goals.

Sessions can be set up in person or on the phone for one hour. Most clients enjoy the benefits of several sessions set up ahead of time.

"I met Montie Sommers at a retreat 3 years ago. She was a participant and also taught yoga each afternoon. I was amazed at her skill level and enjoyed her teaching style. More importantly, she offered me a coaching session which I graciously accepted. I formed an immediate trust with Montie and was able to open up about challenges that I was facing in my life. She helped me focus in on long held limited beliefs that I was operating with and helped me to see my strengths. I continue to schedule appointments with her as she skillfully guides me to a place of believing in myself and holds me accountable to the changes that I am wanting to make. I highly recommend her as a coach and yoga teacher to anyone who is serious about wanting to shift/change their life."
-- C. Antonini

"Having a coaching session with Montie is a HAVE-to-do, in a world of judgmental, over media, over medicated craziness. The difference between what we can and cannot control is blurred and getting blurrier. Montie correctly puts points of demarcation into your soul, leaving you the opportunity to be your BEST."
-- D

"You become what you criticize. You become what you adore. Whatever you focus on, grows in your experience."
--- Alan Cohen