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Montie has always been curious about the deeper meaning of life. But it wasn't until 1993, after the sudden death of her husband, when she started a journey that brought invaluable life lessons. Sadness and trauma from such an event were expected, but the many challenges she faced in getting financial closure were not. She was quickly thrown into a business world and found that the only way she could cope was to go inward and find strength. She struggled, but began to teach herself to stay calm and to learn to breathe.

After the estate was settled, her therapy was of the physical variety with horseback riding, biking and running. In 2001, a running injury brought her to a yoga class. After the intensity of her previous workouts, yoga seemed boring. But after a few classes, she realized that the inner peace that she had tapped into during her challenging times was also there after a yoga class. Plus for the first time in years, she felt so strong! Totally hooked, Montie completed her 200 hour training and has been registered with Yoga Alliance and teaching since 2009.

She started to teach meditation in the workplace in 2010, as well as, become certified in Alan Cohen's Life Coach Training.

Those who have influenced her teaching style through workshops or classes are Michele Hebert, Tias Little, Erich Schiffman, Brian Kest, Sherri Baptiste and Alan Cohen.

Montie graduated from Southern Illinois University with a major in Interior Design. She started her design business in 1998 and still works with some special clients.

She has recently received her certification, the technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing promotion in the body, and is a Reiki Master practitioner.

Another important part of her life has been her volunteer work with Variety, The Children's Charity. She has enjoyed designing the Galas and hosting celebrities and talents in the Green Room for 25 years.

Montie was featured in the St. Louis Business Journal in June 2012 and was published in Louise Hay's book, Modern Day Miracles.

In her free time, Montie loves to travel and spend time with her husband, children and grandchildren.

You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not.
We always have the power of our minds....Claim and consciously use your power.
--- Louise L. Hay ... Author of You Can Heal Your Life